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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5291 Changelog:
GSDX: fixed an oversight in my shader change gregory caught which removed alpha expansion for the direct sampling case, should probably fix the remaining bugs.  Also set the texture sampler to point sampling when the shader will be performing its own bilinear filtering (effect on games unknown but should be an improvement).
On previous commits:
zzogl: use the EXT version of fbo (fix the build on windows) 
* add some parenthesis to shup up very verbose gcc warning
* adapt ogl to latest sudonim change

zzogl glsl4:
* properly delete program and vertex array. Avoid a crash on plugin reload
* reset shader state. Avoid to reuse invalid data on plugin reload
* add an hack to unattach/attach the gl context from different thread. Help to solve some crashes. The best will be to move gpu operation out of gsreadfifo but it would need more works
* implement logz for test purpose (don't seem to help)
gsdx replay:
* use default xdg location

GSDX: Added a compatibility check to the framebuffer handling for the texture cache and made it preferred and added a writeback as a fallback. Compat should be back to normal?

GSDX: made the paletted texture handling in the cache a bit more sensible to my eyes and implemented interpolation of palette entries for pixels in paletted textures when using the 8 bit textures option. Regressions in some games I think, such as Virtual On (which is very broken anyway), need to investigate what made them work (to some degree) before. Seems to change some performance characteristics favourably to my surprise, but I might just be bad at remembering framerates.

GSDX: Err, and another file, I should be asleep.

GSDX: Forgot a file.

GSDX: Added some exceptions on shader compilation failure (with handlers in entry points because people seem to like the plugin struggling on even when nothing works any more) because I am not keen crashing Windows via my graphics driver.

GSDX: Prodded some offensive code, this isn't meant to affect emulation of any games and it probably won't.

GSDX: put all paletted texture samples through the same transformation from the UNORM 0-1 256 step mapping to a 0.5/256-255.5/256 mapping after seeing potential bugs with FMT_4HL and changed FMT_4HH because it seemed to be completely wrong. Nothing but 8 bit textures tested because I can't find a single game which uses 4 bit textures.

GSDX: Fixed my inability to remember or look up (I swear that page was hiding) coordinate systems in r5279 and assumed that it was a rounding error instead. The symptom was that palette indices above around 250 were being rounded up to the next palette entry causing visible glitches (only in D3D10 for some reason). Changed the code to keep the fractional part after multiplication by 256 around 0.5 and the steps around 1.0. Should be very safe against small errors.
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5291
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