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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5281 Changelog:
GSDX: put all paletted texture samples through the same transformation from the UNORM 0-1 256 step mapping to a 0.5/256-255.5/256 mapping after seeing potential bugs with FMT_4HL and changed FMT_4HH because it seemed to be completely wrong.  Nothing but 8 bit textures tested because I can't find a single game which uses 4 bit textures.
On previous commits:
GSDX: Fixed my inability to remember or look up (I swear that page was hiding) coordinate systems in r5279 and assumed that it was a rounding error instead.  The symptom was that palette indices above around 250 were being rounded up to the next palette entry causing visible glitches (only in D3D10 for some reason).  Changed the code to keep the fractional part after multiplication by 256 around 0.5 and the steps around 1.0.  Should be very safe against small errors.

GSDX: Probably fix D3D10 and maybe D3D9 (might be working anyway but I think I have it addressing texel centres now) palette lookups. I noticed that this was broken in D3D10 while fixing the Realta Nua issue in r5273.

Explanation, because this gives me a headache and this might save someone else one (or I might be wrong and they might see why): in D3D10, 0.0 points to the centre of the leftmost texel and 1.0 points one texel to the right of the rightmost texel, so to map a UNORM uniformly across a texel we need to multiply the input by (w-1)/w. In D3D9 0.0 points to the left edge of the leftmost texel and 1.0 to the right edge of the rightmost texel so after the multiplication we add 1/2w.

Actual texture sampling is probably not right for at least one of D3D9 and D3D10, but this headache is killing me.

* add a script to run cg compiler on glsl file:
+ handy to check the syntax
+ output the asm of the shader
- unfortunately don't support latest glsl construct but better than nothing
* really delete resources before context destruction
* wanted to play with opengl3 timer for profiling but not conclusive, just keeping code around for future use

Revert original fix for Realta Nua as Pseudonym found the proper fix. This should get rid of the regression on Agressive Inline and one of the Matt Hoffman games having textureless graphics.

GSdx: CRC hacks: ICO: moved the cutie extra hack from r5214 to "Aggressive mode".

GSdx: Removed Rogue Galaxy from the GSdx crc hacks. Fixes issue 1290.

Game database: 2 games have the ee timing hack enabled now, one game disabled.

GS/GIF: only raise interrupts on IMR writes on falling edges, i.e. if the interrupt was previously masked. Also remove a block about queued signals from IMR writes which makes no sense to me given that the CSR write to clear the previous SIGNAL should be setting CSR.SIGNAL already, which will trigger the interrupt by the standard mechanism. tl;dr: fixes realta nua and probably other stuff.

Games DB: add support for controlling mvuFlagSpeedHack. Disabling this hack for all Katamari games (otherwise enabled by default now) since it has a weird speed bug with it enabled.

NSIS Un/Installer: updates (for both full/web installers):
- Removed vcredist 2008-sp1 and 2010, added vcredist 2010 sp1.
- GSdx DLLs rename (+"32"), added avx.
- Version to 1.0.0.
- Uninstaller: bios removal now has own checkbox (can now remove everything and keep bios).
- Uninstaller: registry is cleaned first (better for next install in case uninstall fails for some reason).

- Test upgrade from 0.98, 0.97.
- Got few crashes and/or errors if files/folders were in use while uninstalling. Look into that.
- First install on a clean system: test that first-time-wizard appears (i didn't get the ftw, I possibly had stuff from previous incomplete uninstall).
- Add an option to run pcsx2 when the installer completes?
- readme/faq have "0.9.8" in filename, but the installer refers to , check if/when it's used.
- Cheats folder created at program files. consider at mydocs?
- Cheats folder contains what appears to be a valid pnach file for personas 4 (inf health etc). do we want that packaged?
- Do we want to mirror vcredist 2010sp1 on (older redists are mirrored).
- Change the installer logo to the one used everywhere else?
- See if we can use the best gsdx version selected initially (my system supports sse4, but it selects the sse2 dll by default at ftw).
- Default KB config for lilypad? all other plugins can work without configuring manually, but without a controller configured, it's very meh. See what we can do about it.
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5281
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