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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5264 Changelog:
zzogl: gl resources must be deleted before the destruction of the GL context
On previous commits:
debian: don't ship null plugins fix shell bug & update the help

Gif Unit: Bugfix for Path3 Masking. Fast and the Furious did some channel swapping which freaks it out. Now remembers if it was called by Path 3 for the DMA rewinding to work correctly.

SPU-2X Project too for VS2010

Not sure if it was just me who had this issue but Lilypad didn't have the Directx SDK lib/include paths in the VC Directories, causing it not to build. Now it has :P

zzogl glsl: used the fog parameter correctly...

GSdx: CRC hacks: Remove duplicates (none left for now).

The following dup CRCs of were removed (leaving one):
0x7D4EA48F - Haunting Ground EU (now only Genji).
0x1A85E924 - DMC3 CH (now only GOW1)
0x7ACF7E03 - Spyro New beginning (now only ICO)

The following CRCs were removed without any negative effect:
0x2F123FD8 - GOW2 RU (same as US).
0x23A97857 - Star Ocean 3 JPUNDUB (same as US).

* update es_ES/ko_KR
* fuzz id_ID/pcsx2_Iconized.po which is wrongly translated

* Fix context code for the common shader and set the indices for the uniform... (will fix most of GLSL-related black screen issue)
* some memory improvements were not merged from zzogl-dev branch

VU Interpreter: Implement branch in branch delay slot handling, fixing hot wheels when using VU Interpreter. Might be buggy, but better than without it ;p

Path3 Masking Fix: GGIF MFIFO didn't set the GIF state, also added the path 3 stalling stuff to there too.
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5264
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