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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5215 Changelog:
GSdx: Dynamic CRC hack: now supports CRC
Allows to have a single dynaCRC DLL for several games, differentiated by their CRCs by using the new utility IsCRC(0x12345678, 0x87654321, ...).
Note: With old GSdx (and updated new DynaCrcHack.c), IsCRC always returns false.
On previous commits:
GSdx: CRC Hacks: Import from Cutie - PLEASE HELP WITH TESTING:
- 14 Updated hacks, 41 new hacks (See full list at the first comment).
- New crc-hacks might have patial crc lists, so it's possible that some copies won't get the benefit (yet).
- Non crc-hacks code was NOT imported from Cutie, so some crc hacks might not be as effective as within Cutie itself.
- New region: CH, few more CRCs.

Due to the very big list of affected games, I couldn't test the vast majority of them, and so your help would be appreciated in testing. Please report (even if someone else already reported with the same result as yours) with the following format:
- (reason) - tested
Tomb Raider Legend - Better (removes garbage graphics) - tested a little.
GTA San Andreas - Better (removes ghosts) - tested a little.

And of course, big thank you goes to the author of Cutie, for the time put into improving PCSX2, and for respecting the GPL license and releasing the code.

gsdx linux: uses OGL device by default instead of GSnull. Issue arise when renderer is 0 -> device is GSnull but GSRenderer is ogl
debian: fix some typo

* some parameters was set after the shader setup. Extend the API to do the shader setup before the draw
* remove the useless shader compatibility bits

* fix properly context, directly save the state in the shader
* replace the last deprecated variable in the shader. Remain the issue that host enable 1 output and the shader write 2 outputs
* It seems that VBO does't depends on the VAO but vertex format depends on both VBO/VAO so I set the format multiple time. Not sure the behavior is fully correct

zzogl: plug vertex array object and remove most deprecated variable from shader. Only remains gl_FragData

gsdx, zzogl: avoid nested class inside GSVertexArrayOGL.h
zzogl: rework the shader interface to use struct like CG. Shader are still broken because some variables (gl_color & gl_secondary_color) are not supported in vertex shader...

* use 128 vertex buffer instead of 512 that will avoid to fill the GPU vram
* Use separate shader infrastructure for GLSL 4 as Nvidia cg. Beside code is much easier to understand

gsdx ogl:
* split GSDeviceOGl header. Will allow easy sharing with zzogl.
* fix some gcc warning
* import Uniform buffer and Vertex array from GSdx

i18n: tr_TR pcsx2_Iconized is wrongly translated. I fuzzy all strings to have an english string instead of lookup key
various: apply some patch of Micove to disable debug logging in GSdx release mode

debian: round 2
* rename file to easily switch between stable/unstable
* fix various lintian errors/warnings
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5215
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