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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5213 Changelog:
gsdx linux: uses OGL device by default instead of GSnull. Issue arise when renderer is 0 -> device is GSnull but GSRenderer is ogl
debian: fix some typo
On previous commits:
* some parameters was set after the shader setup. Extend the API to do the shader setup before the draw
* remove the useless shader compatibility bits

* fix properly context, directly save the state in the shader
* replace the last deprecated variable in the shader. Remain the issue that host enable 1 output and the shader write 2 outputs
* It seems that VBO does't depends on the VAO but vertex format depends on both VBO/VAO so I set the format multiple time. Not sure the behavior is fully correct

zzogl: plug vertex array object and remove most deprecated variable from shader. Only remains gl_FragData

gsdx, zzogl: avoid nested class inside GSVertexArrayOGL.h
zzogl: rework the shader interface to use struct like CG. Shader are still broken because some variables (gl_color & gl_secondary_color) are not supported in vertex shader...

* use 128 vertex buffer instead of 512 that will avoid to fill the GPU vram
* Use separate shader infrastructure for GLSL 4 as Nvidia cg. Beside code is much easier to understand

gsdx ogl:
* split GSDeviceOGl header. Will allow easy sharing with zzogl.
* fix some gcc warning
* import Uniform buffer and Vertex array from GSdx

i18n: tr_TR pcsx2_Iconized is wrongly translated. I fuzzy all strings to have an english string instead of lookup key
various: apply some patch of Micove to disable debug logging in GSdx release mode

debian: round 2
* rename file to easily switch between stable/unstable
* fix various lintian errors/warnings

debian: update of the package round1
* Use some (lots) of improvement from Micove package
* Merge all binary package into 1 would be easier for everyone

gsdx ogl: find a way to workaround the buggy amd driver to support dual blending
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5213
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