GIT : Soywiz's Psp Emulator : 2012-05-07 : r348

Soywiz's Psp Emulator is a psp emulator developed with a TDD approach for PC made in C# 4.0. Aims to create a easy to write, easy to maintain, fast and portable PSP emulator. This emulator can run on Windows with the .NET Framework 4.0 and on Linux and other Mono supported platforms using Mono.
2012-05-07 : r348 Changelog:
- Added SIMD VertexDecoding on Mono
On previous commits:
- Included Mono.SIMD in order to perform future vector operations faster on Mono platforms.

Merge branch 'master' of

Merge pull request #48 from gambe/patch-2

Update CSPspEmu.Resources/Translations.xml

Update CSPspEmu.Resources/Translations.xml

- WIP Bezier
- Fixed saves

- More Work

- Implemented cpu opcodes: bgezal
- Implemented vfpu opcodes: vhdp
- Implemented DXT5 decoding (fixes graphics at Let's Golf and others)
- MemoryAllocation now yields a MemoryPartitionNoMemoryException, and it is catched by the hle proxy generator and returns a SceKernelErrors.ERROR_ERRNO_NO_MEMORY
- Fixed sceKernelCreateFpl
- Now HleUidPoolSpecial executes Dispose when an item is removed.
- Fixed sceKernelDeleteFpl
- This fixes Buzz that tries to detect how much memory is available trying to allocate and freeing FPLs until there is no more memory left.

- Reverted invalid sltiu
- Implemented vfpu color conversion: vt4444, vt5551 and vt5650

- Implemented more VFPU stuff
- More (temporal) try/catch on GUI
- More function stubs
- Added SafeILGenerator.MacroIfElse

- Net thread scheduler!
- New games (tested) running: Princess Crown and Luxor
- Some games may not work due to bugs (this still is in testing)
- Lots of games doesn't have those huge delays anymore
- Sound usually is better
Download: GIT : Soywiz's Psp Emulator : 2012-05-07 : r348
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