GIT : Soywiz's Psp Emulator : 2012-05-06 : r336

Soywiz's Psp Emulator is a psp emulator developed with a TDD approach for PC made in C# 4.0. Aims to create a easy to write, easy to maintain, fast and portable PSP emulator. This emulator can run on Windows with the .NET Framework 4.0 and on Linux and other Mono supported platforms using Mono.
2012-05-06 : r336 Changelog:
- Some changes
On previous commits:
- WIP Issue #43
- Added new PreemptiveScheduler that will be used by the new thread scheduler.

- Added stubs for:
- sceMp4
- sceNetAdhocDisvoer
- sceNetAdhocMatching
- Fixed Translations on release
- Fixed games not containing ".rodata.sceModuleInfo" section header
- Fixed sceLibFont. Fixes #11
- Some more not tested, not working sceAtrac3plus work
- Fixed sceIoOpenAsync when opening a non-existent file. Not tested.
- Some minor changes

- More Work

- Added GPU dither matrix loading (not used yet)
- Improved Hashing for x64 (used ulong instead of uint)
- Added more sceDisplay functions
- Implemented BitUtils.ExtractSigned
- Implemented mfvc (Tekken 5 DT now starts and Wipe Out works a bit more)

- Added sceRtcTickAdd* functions
- Implemented UmdCommandEnum.ReadSectors
- Removed 64bit limitation

Merge branch 'master' of

Created Module Stubs

- Improved Memcpy speed and make it more portable (Replaced Marshal.Copy with PointerUtils.Memcpy)
- Improved FunctionGenerator to be able to detect LWL/LWR pairs, to read unaligned words. TODO! Still have to check if RS or RT registers are modified between LWL/LWR and that doesn't have a branch in between.
- Improved MipsDisassembler speed (more important because compiler now uses it to detect LWL/LWR)

- Improved memset a lot!

- Added sceKernelReferGlobalProfiler
- Skipped sceAtracResetPlayPosition
Download: GIT : Soywiz's Psp Emulator : 2012-05-06 : r336
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