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Pcsx2 is an opensource Playstation 2 emulator for Windows and Linux. It is probably the best playstation2 emulator out there, and can run most of the commercial games. Now it has released a 1.0 version after lots of years of great work and development.
r5188 Changelog:
* add some code to support OGL4 debugging. Not enable on CmakeList.txt by default
* LOAD_PS/LOAD_VS were using a "std" argument instead of a reference.
* reuse the opengl context creation developed for GSdx. For the moment only enable OGL2
* Add some documentation for the zzShader API
On previous commits:
gsdx: fix some Visual Studio build error of the previous merge.

gsdx: merge the opengl branch to ease futur development and allow GSdx by default on linux
* for the moment only the SW render is supported, hopefully HW will come some day. And linux only for the moment.
* Require an OpenGL3 GPU (==Dx10) ie Nvidia >= 8800, AMD >= HD2000)
* Require an OpenGL4.2 compatible drivers => no opensource driver supported neither Intel driver.
* Build by default without SDL support which will dropped later. You need to add this define "ENABLE_SDL_DEV" on Win.

Preliminary NTSC progressive scan support.
The detection is based on a quickly reversed smode1 flag and needs to be done properly.
The timing itself also needs reversing and has only been tested on the VP2 intro video.
(That video now runs without audio / video desync when progressive scan is enabled :) )

Auto interlace mode, no more flickering! :p

GSdx: A couple minor tweaks to the hacks dialog text. Nothing much changed but sounds nicer to me :p

GSDx: I screwed up when doing an untested last minute manual cleanup of gsdx.rc, the mouse over descriptions will actually work now.

cmake: doc renaming broke the package mode

linux build: use turbo ;)

Set some svn:eol-style properties.

spu2x: revert commit 5157. Soundtouch author change in mind and go for LGPL2+ so we come back to LGPL3+ to avoid license proliferation.
* rename the man page as requested by arch users.
* Delete pcsx2/* symlink. Was only useful for autotool removed few years ago.
* commit the top metadata of my previous branch merge.
Download: SVN : Pcsx2 : r5188
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